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10 Most Popular Small Dogs

by myfreepng Admin on July 30, 2019

                Miniature dogs have recently attracted much attention from beginner breeders. They are charming, lovely, active, loyal and ideal companions, which are easy to be taken to work, or on a trip abroad. Four-legged kids will bring positive emotions into each life; fill with gray weekdays with happiness and joy. But most importantly, these little ones are truly amazing cuties!

This is the list of the most popular small dogs in the world:


The main decoration of this Maltese wolf is its extremely beautiful and snow-white long hair to the floor. Maltese resembles a small white cloud that moves through the apartment. However, under the guise of an exotic look real dog quality.

9- Japanese Chin

japanese chin

Japanese chin is an exclusive decorative dog. An impressive appearance combined with devotion and obedience makes this dog popular with other breeds. It combines an interesting appearance with an ideal character.

8- Russian toy terrier

toy terrier

These are representatives of blue blood in the dog world. Noble dogs of this breed are small and tender, with an active lifestyle. Owners are captivated by exquisite manners of communication. With a royal look, they recline on cushions. However, sometimes they do not want to fool around - the blood of tireless hunters of terriers flows in their veins.

7- Fox Terrier

That fox terrier is a tiny little dog that has absorbed all the good qualities of its larger fox terrier brother. The vigor of the hunting breed was also transmitted to him. That fox terrier is a tiny ball of energy that will improve your mood.

6- Yorkshire terrier

Yorkshire Terrier today is at the peak of popularity. This is favored by the appearance and interesting character. You will not get bored with him. Your pet will bring a lot of positive emotions. His ardent temper and decisive character will make your life with him very fun.

5- Papilon

The eccentric appearance of the papilions resembles a butterfly. Tiny dogs, and the truth, have similarities with winged beauties - the same weightless and light, able to bring their owner a sense of harmony and joy. They are characterized by true friendship, sincere love and boundless devotion.

4- Affenpinscher

This breed of dog looks like a little monkey. Their funny mimicry and funny face can cause laughter no less than the antics of monkeys in the circus. The standard height is no more than 28 centimeters, and the weight is from 3 to 4.5 kilograms.

3- Pomeranian Spitz

These are the favorites of many famous people: queens, writers, artists and idols of our time. Their height is no more than 22 centimeters, however, a vertically standing undercoat makes them a little larger visually. The weight of such beauties is not more than 3.5 kilograms.

2- Brussels Griffin

The Brussels Griffin has not only miniature sizes, but also an excellent balanced character, which has the features of a true aristocrat. The average representative of this breed has a size of 22-28 centimeters and a permissible weight of up to 4.5 kilograms.

1- Chihuahua

This breed is recognized as the smallest in the world. However, small sizes are not an obstacle for most Chihuahuas - they can quite aggressively protect themselves from people who want to stroke them.

              Just try to bring your hand closer to her pretty face, and the crumb will immediately bite you without warning about it with a bark. He will not allow to content anyone except the hostess. Chihuahuas are divided into long-haired and short-haired. They have different coat colors.


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